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Get Paid Cash via PayPal Instantly for Feedback (App Required)

1Q is a community of brand influencers, changing the rules of market research, 1 question at a time. Even better, members get paid cash via PayPal instantly just for answering quick questions from their mobile phone. They pay $0.25 to $0.50 per answer instantly and directly into your secured PayPal account. Sign up through our link or one from the comments below then confirm your phone number and download the app to get started. They'll notify when new questions are available so you can answer and earn your free money.

About 1Q

1Q is a revolutionary web and mobile tool that allows companies to simply select the demographic, geographic, and psychographic target you want to find, and route your question straight to the mobile device of those people. You will have a statistical, and thorough breakdown of your results instantaneously and in real-time! Even better, our members who answer these questions get paid $.50 every time they respond. Never look at market research the same...

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