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The Hot Flash System for FREE (Reg. $75) + FREE Shipping

Rebalance Health is offering your first month of The Hot Flash System for FREE with FREE Shipping so you can give them a try. No hidden charges. Cancel at any time. This hormone-free solution supports your body's natural balance, providing relief around the clock for menopausal symptoms. Go here then click the "Order now" button on the Facebook post to access the special offer. Your Month 1 Welcome Kit will include 3 Refillable glass jars, 30-day supply (pouches + 33 lozenges per pouch), and Stickers to label your jars.

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Rebalance Hot Flash System is a three-part regimen designed to help manage your menopausal symptoms throughout the day. The morning lozenge naturally boosts energy, concentration, and metabolism, and balances estrogen levels. In the afternoon, the lozenge helps manage mood swings and promotes calm, energy, and overall health. The bedtime lozenge promotes deep, restorative sleep, reducing stress and night sweats.

IMPORTANT: When you start for free, you are signing up for a recurring subscription. Your first month is 100% free with no strings attached, and they'll take that even further. They're so confident in the quality and efficacy of their lozenges that they'll give you a full refund within 60 days if you're unsatisfied. If you like the products and want to receive monthly shipments, do nothing and your card will be billed $63.75/mo + shipping, until you cancel.

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