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FREE Ziggy Happy Tummy Snack Bar Samples

Ziggy Snacks is offering Free Ziggy Bars Samples through their prelaunch promotion. To get yours, simply sign up with your email address to join the waitlist then they'll contact you on launch day to get your shipping info. Go here and enter your email address then click the button that says "Unique link here: Get points now!" and you'll instantly have 19 points, which covers the free samples and free shipping so no referring is needed! does not sell products or send out any free stuff. You must request the offer through the link posted above. Samples are not guaranteed. It's at the sole discretion of the company offering the freebie/sample to fulfill any and all requests.


1 point = Zippy Bars Stickers (GIFs)

5 points = Free Samples

10 points = Free Shipping

25 points = Buy one get one

50 points = VIP Swag Bag (10 available)

Product Description

Ziggy bars are a delightful blend of natural goodness that work in perfect harmony to support your child's digestive health. Insoluble fiber keeps things moving smoothly, promoting regularity and preventing constipation. Soluble fiber forms a nourishing gel in the gut, aiding in nutrient absorption and maintaining a healthy gut environment. And their secret ingredient, coconut oil, adds a delicious twist while providing essential fatty acids that aid digestion and soothe little tummies.


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