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FREE Zaxby's Sauce-Flavored Popsicles on September 19th

Zaxby's is giving away FREE Sauce-Flavored Popsicles with FREE Shipping on September 19th at 12pm ET on a first come, first served basis while supplies last. The frozen treat will feature 2 of the brand’s boldest sauces: Zax Sauce and Tongue Torch. Saucesicles come in packs of 8 and are limited to one order per person. Visit on 9/19 to score a pack if you're quick enough.

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States excluded from shipping include Alaska, California, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Puerto Rico and Washington.

More about Sauce-Sicles

Zaxby’s has teamed up with Alabama-based gourmet popsicle brand Frios for the introduction of new sauce-flavored popsicles on September 19, 2022. To celebrate the launch of the new frozen treats, Zaxby’s has renamed the month of September ‘Saucetember‘ in honor of the brand’s 12 dipping and tossing sauces.

The frozen treat will feature two of the brand’s boldest sauces: Zax Sauce and Tongue Torch.

The Zax Sauce-flavored Saucesicle features all the sweet and tangy and creamy flavors created by the secret blend of spices, black pepper and Worcestershire Sauce.

Meanwhile, the Tongue Torch Saucesicle is a mild heat tomato pop with notes of garlic, paprika, turmeric and a hint of lime.