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FREE Wigs for Women Undergoing Treatment for Cancer

Free Wigs for Women with Cancer - EBeauty has a Wig Exchange Program where they offer women undergoing treatment for cancer the opportunity to order a wig, completely free of charge. You will need to click on the "Click here to make a request" button then select the color, style and length of the wig you would like. After you submit the form, a representative will be in contact by phone to complete your request. Please note: This is not a regular freebie for everyone. Do the right thing and do not request this if you are not going through Chemotherapy. This is intended to help women that are going through a tough time; not to send out thousands of wigs to people who really don't need them.

Wig Exchange Program

The Wig Exchange Program permits an individual to make a charitable gift of a wig and allows a woman undergoing treatment for cancer to obtain a wig which may otherwise be unaffordable or unobtainable. At EBeauty Our Vision supports women on their road to recovery and wellness, one wig at a time. Through the donation of a wig from a woman who has walked this path before them, her gift offers one less obstacle, and a opportunity to feel good again.

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