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Free Well Water Test Kit from Aqua Science

Aqua Science is offering a Free Well Water Test Kit that will help you understand the quality of your water and guide you to a decision whether you need water treatment or not. Click here and fill out the form to request the free kit today then once it arrives, collect your sample and send it back to them. Once they receive your sample, they'll email your results. This test includes pH, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), Hardness, Iron, Iron Bacteria, Manganese, Copper, Nitrates, Sulfides, and Tannins.

About Aqua Science

Aqua Science is one of the Nation's largest source for Water Well Pumps, Pressure tanks, Pressure Booster Systems, Drinking Water Systems, Cartridge Filters, Fleck Water Softeners, pH neutralizers, Radon mitigation systems and much more...


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