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Free Virtual Care and Treatment for COVID-19 and Flu

The Home Test To Treat program is a program that offers free tests and free treatment (if eligible) for COVID-19 and Flu at home 24/7. No insurance or appointments needed! If you are eligible, click “Register Now” to get immediate access to your eMed Test to Treat personal portal. This is your one-click entry to on-demand telehealth by eMed, treatment, and tests. Enrollment in the program is limited. Click ​here to see if you are eligible.

Additional Info

This program is free, and they will never request your specific payment or insurance information, nor will bill or contact any insurance provider you may have.

More Info

This program is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to better understand how technologies such as at-home tests and telemedicine can improve healthcare access for individuals across the country. Findings will be used to inform future public health programs for the American people. Any data shared with researchers will be limited to what is necessary to evaluate the program and will not include information which can identify you.

Who is eligible?

If you are not currently positive for COVID-19 or Flu (Influenza), you may still enroll if you are an uninsured or underinsured adult (18+), on Medicare, Medicaid, in the VA healthcare system, or receive care from the Indian Health Services. Upon enrollment, when not currently positive, you can receive free tests shipped directly to you and, if you later test positive, you can receive free telehealth care and treatment (if prescribed).

If you are currently positive for COVID-19 or Flu (Influenza), you can enroll to receive free telehealth care and treatment (if prescribed). Please note that if enrolling while currently positive, you will not have access to free tests.