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FREE Stock Valued from $3 to $200 from Moomoo for NEW Accounts

Moomoo is a free stock trading app that allows you to buy stocks, options, and ETFs without having to pay commissions and there's no minimum balance requirements and no maintenance fees. You can get a FREE Stock valued from $3 to $200 when you sign up for new Moomoo account then download the Moomoo iOS or Android app and open a free Futu Inc trading account. Follow the instructions below to open your free account and claim your free stock. Leave a comment below and let us know what you get!

How To Get Your FREE Stock Reward valued from $3-$200

  1. Click here and sign up for a new Moomoo Account to be eligible for the free stock reward.
  2. After you sign up, download the free Moomoo App for iOS or Android.
  3. Open the app then log in with your registered email ID and password you just signed up with.
  4. Follow the instructions in the app to open a Futu trading account.
  5. Once your brokerage account is approved (ours took less than 1 hour), you'll be able to claim your free stock in the app by tapping on the "Me" at the bottom right then on "Free Stocks".
  6. On the "Free Stocks" page, click the "Receive" button to claim your free stock.
  7. The free stock reward you receive will be selected randomly and valued between $3 and $200.
  8. Allow up to 10 trading days after you claim your free stock for it to be credited to your account.
  9. Once your free stock is credited to your account, you can either keep it or sell it then withdraw the money from the sale or use it to purchase another stock.
  10. Refer your friends to join Moomoo through your link to earn more free stocks!

To own stock in a brokerage account, you are required under federal law (the Patriot Act) to provide your Social Security number. This information is used to verify your identity and prevent money launderers and terrorists from gaining access to the stock market. Every brokerage must adhere to this requirement.

The links in this post contain our referral link. You do not have to use our link but you must join through a referral link to get the free stock. Thank you for using our link if you do.

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