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FREE Sticki Rolls Party Pack from Tryazon if Selected

Tryazon has a new party opportunity for Sticki Rolls from Sky Castle Toys! 100 people will be picked to host a Sticki Rolls for Back-to-School Party and get a free party pack valued at $60+.

Pack will include Sticki Rolls Sticki Bands, Sticki Rolls Sticki Book, Sticki Rolls Sticki Station, 3 Promo Packs and Party Host Guide to help you plan and carry out the party! Apply here by July 20 to be considered. Good luck!


Introducing Sticki Rolls from Sky Castle Toys a new line of wearable, shareable sticker bracelets that you peel, tear and share with friends!

Sticki Bands are not only a bead bracelet, but they also transform the fun of sticker sharing into fashionable jewelry. Now your favorite stickers are always within reach! Place your Sticki’s everywhere! Decorate your phone, your water bottle or laptop! Trade them with your bestie. Or save them and build your collection in the Sticki Book. Each Sticki Roll has unique, kawaii-themed design created by popular kawaii artists from all over the world. Every sticker is foil holographic, so its re-stickable and leaves no residue. There are multiple rarity levels of holographic effects, and the super rare ones can be revealed from mystery-wrapped STICKI ROLLS!

Thank you, babyhuey121795

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