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Product Description

Designed with a powerful blend of: Squalane which replicates what is already found in the skin. At birth 2% of our skin's surface is made of squalane but leaves soon thereafter. Squalane Face Crème penetrates deep into the pores and targets skin health at each layer of skin, helping to fight off skin-damaging free radicals and balance oil production. Helping to renew life into the skin. Squalane has powerful anti-aging properties that help soften, moisturize, soothe and improve uneven skin tone. Assists skin in remaining at it’s prime. Peptides have amino acids that are the building blocks of hydrating proteins, collagen and elastin; helping with firmer, younger-looking skin. Lotus Flower, India’s national flower has calming properties that help to balance mind and body from the inside out. Containing properties of linoleum acid, flavonoids, fatty acids, protein, phosphorus, iron and Vitamins B and C, helping to stop damaging free radicals. Lotus Flower supports turmeric and is found in many Ayurveda recipes. Turmeric, one of the great skin healers, is antibacterial, anti-viral, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic and rich in antioxidants. Turmeric helps protect the skin cells from damage, helps reduce inflammation and pigmentation and with regular use helps return skin to it's balanced glow, helping to renew life into the skin.

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