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FREE $5 Shop Cash to spend on the Shop App

HURRY! See if you can claim this new FREE $5 in Shop Cash then use it on the Shop App to score something cheap or even completely FREE! Look for the shops with a boost, no minimum spend, and then find something that will include the price of shipping. Shop Cash will expire in 48 hours.

Additional Info

This worked for us but could be for select accounts only and may not work for everyone. If you get a message that says "This gift is not available", you can try creating another account (with a different email and phone number) to claim it.

How to Boost Shop Cash

  1. Click here to claim your $5 Shop Cash before it expires.
  2. Open the Shop app and tap on the $ balance button.
  3. Tap the "Boost your balance" button to see your boosted offers.
  4. Scroll through and look for brands that do not have a minimum spend amount.
  5. Shop Cash can cover shipping but shipping varies per brand.
  6. Search online for promo codes for the brand and apply at checkout.
  7. Select Shop Cash as payment method.
  8. If your total is $0.00, congrats on your freebie, or pay the difference and enjoy the savings!

Remember, you only have 48 hours to spend your Shop Cash after you claim it.

Thank you @Cindy_hacks_life for detailed the breakdown!

Thank you, BBsBargains


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