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Shake & Fold is a paper towel waste reduction campaign. You can spread Shake & Fold love by posting stickers in places where you work, eat and play. Order up to five FREE Shake & Fold Stickers and they'll mail them out to you at no cost. Click this link then scroll down to the form, enter your information and send off your request.

About Shake & Fold

Shake & Fold is a method of reducing paper towel waste. After washing, shake your hands 12 times to reduce the amount of water on them. (You don't really have to do it exactly 12 times; it's kind of a joke because 12 is the highest digit with a single syllable. Ha ha). Then take a single paper towel. It doesn't matter how bad the paper quality is or even if the dispenser spits out only five inches. Because the magic happens when you fold the single piece of paper in half. Folding traps air in the middle. It's called "interstitial suspension." This trapped air makes the paper towel stronger and much more absorbent. It will completely dry your hands. Guaranteed. Every. Single. Time.