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FREE set of FilterEasy Home Air Filters + FREE Shipping

FilterEasy is offering Free FilterEasy Home Air Filters with Free Shipping for first-time customers! Sign up through our link or one from the comments below then choose "1" for how many air filters are in your home then click "Get Started". Select your filter sizes, then filter grade (LiteAllergen, MicroAllergen or SuperAllergen) and checkout. Your "free shipment" coupon code will be automatically applied making your total $0. This is a monthly subscription so will need to enter card information but as long as your total is $0, you will not be charged for your first shipment. If you do not want to continue past your free month, give them a call at 800-308-1186 or email them at with your account information. As long as you cancel before your next order ships, you won't be charged.


When you join FilterEasy, the filters you need (at the quality you want) are delivered straight to your door, promptly when it’s time to change them. Three months later (or two months, or six…whatever you decide), those same filters show up again. And then again, until you change your schedule. So once you join FilterEasy, you never have to remember. Filters arrive, you change them, you breathe easy. That’s all there is to it.

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