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FREE Scotch-Brite Professional HEX Series of Scour Pads and Sponges for Food Service Businesses

If you are in the food service industry, you can request a FREE Samples of HEX Series of Scour Pads and Sponges from 3M today! Choose from Scotch-Brite Dual Purpose Scouring Pad 96HEX (HEAVY DUTY), Scotch-Brite Low Scratch Scour Pad 2000HEX (LOW SCRATCH), and/or Scotch-Brite Low Scratch Scour Sponge 3000HEX (LOW SCRATCH). Go here then fill out the form to get yours. Your business information (name, email, phone, type, etc) is required.


Experience the POWER DOT difference with the Scotch-Brite HEX Series of Scour Pads and Sponges. The unique Power Dot technology applied to 3 different scouring pads is designed clean faster and more efficiently; it minimizes trapped food particles making it easier to rinse quicker and last longer.

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