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Free 107 Scalp Purifying Microbiome Shampoo ($34 Value)

Apply to try 107 Scalp Purifying Microbiome Shampoo for free from 0.8L in exchange for your feedback. $34.00 value. Click on 'try free' to apply! This hydrating detox shampoo is formulated with exclusive 7-year aged vinegar and microbiome-targeting ingredients to help clarify your scalp and wash your hair without stripping away essential moisture.

Product Description:

A clean, healthy scalp means strong, healthy hair. 107's SCALP PURIFYING Microbiome Shampoo removes dirt oils, and product buildup on the scalp to help keep hair healthy, from root to tip with a combination of premium and efficacious ingredients. We have formulated this detox shampoo with our exclusive 7-year aged vinegar, our proprietary vinegar-fermented ginseng extract, probiotic ferments, prebiotics and 13 different scalp-nourishing ingredients that are compatible for both scalp and hair. This shampoo helps clarify the scalp, fortify hair follicles and leave hair feeling soft, shiny and volumized.


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