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Free Samples from Clip Strip Corp

Request free samples from Clip Strip Corp! Samples are usually shipped within 48-72 hours. Sample orders are shipped via standard US Postal Service by default, in the USA and Canada. Click the link & fill out the form and enter the item number(s) & amount(s) of the products you would like to sample. does not sell products or send out any free stuff. You must request the offer through the link posted above. Samples are not guaranteed. It's at the sole discretion of the company offering the freebie/sample to fulfill any and all requests.

About Clip Strip Corp:

In the late 1970's, Edward Spitaletta, CEO and founder of Clip Strip Corp, had an "Idea" that would revolutionize retail merchandising and in the process, create a whole new industry. As a long time, successful distributor of houseware products, Ed was very familiar with the retail environment. Convinced that the existing, unused "DEAD SPACE" along the edges of retail shelves across the country could be transformed into "Prime Display Space," he began an extensive research campaign and ultimately, developed the first merchandising strip - The Clip Strip Brand Merchandising Strip.