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FREE Rohde & Schwarz UWB for Enhanced Ranging Devices Poster

Grab a free UWB for Enhanced Ranging Devices Poster from Rohde & Schwarz! Download the poster for free or request it by mail for free as well. While supplies last.


The latest advances to Ultra-Wideband are adding both enhanced security and higher ranging accuracy. With this free Rohde & Schwarz poster have all important details of the physical layer and positioning techniques right there on the wall; all the information you need is there at a glance in easy to read 4-color format.

The additions to IEEE 802.15.4. have improved Ultra-Wideband as a technology of choice for high-accuracy, high-speed, low-power position locating (ranging), ideal for hand-held devices from key fobs to mobile phones. The latest amendment 802.15.4z-2020 added improved positioning accuracy for High Rate Pulses (HRP), plus improved security with a 128-bit scrambled timestamp sequence (STS) key, as HRP ERDEV (Enhanced Ranging Devices).