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Free Reigning in Humility Booklet + Free Shipping

Charis Bible College is offering a Free Reigning in Humility Booklet by Carrie Pickett with free shipping as well. No payment details needed. Click here then select Add to basket, enter coupon code 2B4B in the discount code field, then select Update Cart to drop the price to $0.00. Select Continue Checkout then enter your information and complete your order.

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Humility in its greatest demonstration was Jesus giving his life for you and me. With this same spirit, we are commissioned to live with humility - reflecting a relationship with Christ. Humility isn't a low, unsuccessful position, but rather a fully surrendered life to the ways of the Kingdom. Learn how a life of humility is filled with the grace, promotion, and blessings that can only come from the Lord. In the Reigning in Humility Booklet, you will discover your shield from the destruction of pride and begin to let humility become the beacon that attracts blessing and transformation.