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FREE Pizza Hut Camp BOOK IT! Parent Summer Program

If you're a parent of children in grades PreK - 6th, you can enroll in the Free Pizza Hut Camp BOOK It! Program for a limited time. This program runs from June through August. Easily track and reward your students with FREE one-topping Personal Pan Pizzas (no purchase required) through this digital program, the same way you do during the regular school year.🍕 Go here and you can enroll in the parent summer program starting now, in addition to the homeschool program that starts in October!

About Pizza Hut BOOK It!

The BOOK IT! Program is a six-month reading incentive program implemented in K-6 classrooms October through March each year. You set monthly reading goals for each child in the class.

As soon as a monthly reading goal has been met, you present the child with a reading award certificate. The child takes the certificate to a Pizza Hut restaurant, where he or she is congratulated by the manager or team and given a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza. There is no purchase necessary and the pizza can be taken to go. On the first visit, the child will also receive a cool, new BOOK IT! Passport and sticker.