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FREE 5-Pack of "Fresh Scents of Smell-Air" Air Fresheners + FREE Shipping

For a limited time, JokeTown is offering a FREE 5-pack of "The Fresh Scents of Smell-Air" Air Fresheners with FREE Shipping when you claim a free digital Citizen Card. No payment info required. All you have to do is download the free digital wallet where you'll store your Citizen Card and they will email you a link to order your Fresh Scents for free and with no shipping costs. Instructions below.


  1. Go here then click GET FREE, enter your email address on the pop up.
  2. Look for an email title "👃 What’s that smell?" then click the CLAIM YOUR CARD button and download the Zelus wallet app to claim your free JokeTown Citizen Card NFT.
  3. Verify your email.
  4. After you download your card and digital wallet, you'll receive an email titled "You're a Citizen Now!" then simply click the GET MY FRESH SCENTS button to order your 100% Free 5-pack of Air Fresheners!

About JokeTown

JokeTown is a place where comedy, fans and brands live and play. The Citizen Card is a free digital collectible that serves as their membership card. With one, you are an official card-carrying Citizen of JokeTown.


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