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FREE Mystery Gift from Fooji

UPDATE: Hey Y'all, We contacted Fooji on 1/23 because we were unable to access the rules and the following message is what they sent this morning 1/25: "It looks like the link you used was not a valid URL or live campaign with Fooji at the time you participated 🙁 Please go to to enter for a chance to win! Please note, winners will not be chosen until January 28th. Please view the promo rules at the bottom of the link for more information. Thank you 🙏" HURRY!! Get a FREE Mystery Gift from Fooji sent to you! Just click the link and enter your information then answer 3 quick questions about Nike to claim yours! It doesn’t mention what it could be but since the questions are about Nike, maybe it’s Nike related..? Comment below if you get the “success” message!!

Thank you, RedHippie


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