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FREE Meal and Appetizer at Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel has a Bonus Game that Rewards members can play to score a FREE Entree! Plus, when you sign up as a new rewards member, you'll get a FREE Appetizer! Follow the detailed instructions below to get yours before the game ends on May 13th.

Additional Info

You can only redeem one reward per check.


  1. Go here and sign up for a account, confirm your email address, set a password then enroll in Cracker Barrel Rewards.
  2. Cracker-Barrel-Rewards-Free-Appetizer
  3. Click here or scroll down to "Play the Bonus Game" and spin the wheel as many times as you can.
  4. Cracker-Barrel-Rewards-Bonus-Game-Wheel
  5. Once you run out of spins, click here or go to the See "Bonus Game Rules” link underneath the wheel then scroll down to “b. No Purchase Necessary Method” and click the HERE link. Enter your email address, validate the code sent to your email, select a challenge and sign back in. It will sign you out every time.
  6. cracker-barrel-bonus-game-npm
  7. Repeat Step 3 four more times to get a total of 5 spins to complete the board. Be sure to select a new challenge for each new code request.
  8. Cracker-Barrel-Rewards-pegs-board
  9. Once you fill all the board spaces you'll earn 225 pegs, which is equal to a free entree or $15 off of a retail purchase!
  10. Cracker-Barrel-Rewards-pegs-board-completed
  11. Now you'll have a Free Appetizer Reward and more than enough points for a Free Entree!
  12. Cracker-Barrel-Rewards-27-pegs

Make sure when you apply for a no purchase necessary spin that you aren't selecting spots on the board you've already completed — for example, if you have "buy pancakes" redeemed on your board, it won't allow you to redeem it twice, but it will still show on the drop down so if you select it it will give you an error message, so instead you can redeem a different square such as "dine with a friend" or something that hasn't been marked off of your board. They all still show on the drop down menu, but cannot be done twice.

Thank you cindy_hacks_life for the detailed instructions!!