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Free 3M Performance Plus Duct Tape 8979 Sample (Company Name Required)

3M is offering workplaces in U.S. a free sample of 3M Performance Plus Duct Tape 8979 until November 30, 2021. A company name is required. does not sell products or send out any free stuff. You must request the offer through the link posted above. Samples are not guaranteed. It's at the sole discretion of the company offering the freebie/sample to fulfill any and all requests.


Outdoor, UV-tolerant duct tape maintains versatile performance when exposed to the elements. Removes cleanly for up to six months from most opaque surfaces even after sun and weather exposure. Sticks immediately and stays on for up to one year without deterioration. Save time and hassle of removing sticky or dried-on residue.

Thank you, JenniferRowton

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