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Possible Free LUNA Chocolate Peppermint Bar (Facebook or Instagram Required)

There's a news sponsored ad for a Free LUNA Chocolate Peppermint Bar that's popping on Facebook and Instagram! We are unable to link directly to it because it's targeted but you can try the following suggestions to possibly get the offer to show up in a day or so.


  1. First, like the LUNA Facebook page and/or follow the @lunabar Instagram page then like a few of their posts.
  2. Next, search "LUNA Bar" on Google, Facebook and Instagram and scroll down through the results page for a few seconds.
  3. Close everything out then open Facebook or Instagram and keep an eye on your newsfeed for the free sample offer post to show up (see screenshot below).
  4. Once you see it, click the "Sign up" button and follow the steps to claim. Let us know if you get it!
Free LUNA Chocolate Peppermint Bar