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Free Low Tide Boyz Stickers

The Low Tide Boys have surpassed 100,000 show downloads, and are giving away FREE Stickers to celebrate. Click the link and fill out the form to get some limited edition stickers designed by @the_radberg in the mail. You can choose one or two stickers.


The Löw Tide Böyz (Chipper and Chris), are a Swimrun team based in Northern California and we are on a mission to help grow the sport of Swimrun in the United States while striving to make it as accessible, inclusive, and diverse as possible.

Their podcast is a window into the new-ish sport of Swimrun where they interview race directors, athletes, and other cool people in the Swimrun space all the while chronicling their own training and racing adventures and having as much fun as possible in the process.

Thank you, coolgirl