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FREE They Might Be Giants Flood Live in Australia Album Download

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About the album Flood

Before Alternative Rock, when rock dinosaurs still roamed the earth, They Might Be Giants crawled out of the primordial performance art scene of the Lower East Side and on to the college rock scene with a series of breakthrough songs and best-selling albums. Vaulted into the national scene by a series of highly creative videos, the band ultimately garnered the attention of the powerhouse major-label Elektra Entertainment. Collaborating with British hit-makers Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley, as well as emerging indie legends Roger Moutenot and Patrick Dillett, the band embarked on an album that would leave their lo-fi roots behind in exchange for a sonic adventure to be called Flood. Embraced by critics and audiences alike, the 19-song album would go on to go platinum and garner a clutch of timeless favorites for the band including Birdhouse in Your Soul, Twisting, Your Racist Friend, Istanbul (Not Constantinople), Particle Man, Dead and many others.

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