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FREE Freedom Stickers from Human Trafficking In Our Backyard

In Our Backyard is offering a FREE Freedom Stickers to place in public restroom stalls to help raise awareness about human trafficking and provide a lifeline for victims to reach out for help. Click here and fill out the form to request freedom stickers today.

About In Our Backyard

In Our Backyard (IOB) was established in 2006, when a new awareness of human trafficking brought IOB founder, Nita Belles, to realize that there was no option to “stand on the sidelines” of this atrocity. In 2009 at the request of the U.S. Marshall over human trafficking for Oregon, Central Oregonians Against Trafficking Humans (CO-OATH) was created to undertake work surrounding human trafficking in Central Oregon. Since that time, CO-OATH has integrated into In Our Backyard, where the work continues. From 2010 to the present, some of the things In Our Backyard has focused on are: eradicating sex trafficking at large events including the “Super Bowl”, raising awareness, providing expert advice on local and national human trafficking legislative issues, working with local first responders, medical and mental health professionals to help potential human trafficking victims and managing programs like the Freedom Sticker Campaign and now the Convenience Store Against Trafficking (CSAT) Program. In addition IOB welcomes volunteers, interns and committed donors to link arms across America in the fight against human trafficking.

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