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Free 55" Dual Screen Smart TV from Telly

UPDATE: People who signed up when we first shared this (back in May) are getting notified that their free tv will be shipping soon! Telly is the first TV paid for by brands. You can get a FREE 55" Dual Screen Smart TV shipped to you when you sign up for an account! Telly TV has an integrated second smart screen attached below the main screen of the TV that will display information and ads, which is how they are able to offer it for free. They are sending out 500,000 Telly TV's this summer and if you want one, you have to get on the list. Go here to sign up for free then download the app and follow the instructions to create your Telly profile and complete your reservation.

Additional Info

Please note that according to their terms, if you choose to opt out of sharing your Viewing and Activity Data and fail to return the TV, you may be subject to a $500 charge.


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