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Free Deep Despair 2 Download for PC

Indie Gala is offering a free download of Deep Despair 2 for PC. In order to add the product to your library you must be logged in. Sign up or in & scroll down to 'Add to Library' to get this game. Enjoy!

About the Game:

Deep Despair 2 is an open world survival action adventure game with procedural generation and complete freedom of action. The game is a direct continuation and development of the first part.

The sequel has become much larger, more serious, more interesting and has acquired many new mechanics that will help you survive or brighten up your leisure time in the game. You are free to engage in animal breeding, the production of alcohol for the manufacture of various drinks and Molotov cocktails, brewing, cooking, farming, building and strengthening your base (electricity will help you!)

Or just collect food and go on a journey across a diverse world accompanied by the rain. Potions will help you grow faster and stronger, cooking will open up many satisfying dishes for you, and your own farm will supply you with all the resources you need. In the game you will not be bored if you love freedom of action and know how to entertain yourself!