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FREE Datadog T-Shirt with FREE 14-Day Trial (Company Name Required)

If you have a qualifying business, Datadog will send you a FREE Datadog T-shirt when you start a free 14-day Datadog APM trial and create a dashboard, while supplies last. No credit card required. Go here and sign up for a free trial of the Datadog platform using your email. Next, install the Datadog Agent on one or more Hosts and create a custom Datadog dashboard by navigating to the "dashboard" section of the Datadog application. Once all steps are completed, Datadog will send a follow up email with further instructions on how to claim your free tee.

About Datadog

Detect, diagnose, and resolve code-level performance issues faster with real-time service maps, synthetic monitors, end-to-end tracing, continuous profiling, and centralized logging all within one platform.

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