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FREE Copy of One Heartbeat Away by Mark Cahill

If you are sincerely seeking and searching for the truth about life, Mark Cahill Ministries would like to send you a FREE copy of One Heartbeat Away in the mail. Just click the link and fill out the form. Do NOT check the "Born Again Christian" box or you will not be eligible for the book. Be sure you enter at least 10 words for your request reason for the SEND button to activate. They have a daily limit so if they've reached it for today, try back tomorrow. Thank you, coolgirl!

About One Heartbeat Away

The question of what happens to us after we die is on the minds of many? Can you prove to them that there is a God? What about evolution? Can the Bible be proven true? This book, which is inspired by conversations with lost people, is written specifically to those who have objections or are seeking answers for eternity, and guiding them to truth.

Why have so many atheists, agnostics, Muslims, Catholics, prisoners, and soldiers become born again after reading One Heartbeat Away? As best-selling author Mark Cahill suggests, it's because once you know the truth about the Bible, creation vs. evolution, heaven and hell, sin, and the cross, there is only one logical decision to make. The truth does set you free!

Get this book into the hands of family, friends, and strangers, and watch the Holy Spirit work wonders in their lives. It also appeals to Christians who want answers to the questions they get when witnessing. One Heartbeat Away promises to be as compelling as Mark Cahill's first book One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven. Both books have tremendous value in skillfully communicating the evidence for biblical truth and compelling the lost to come to Jesus Christ for salvation.


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