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Free CLEAN RESERVE H2EAU Fragrance from Butterly USA

Butterly USA has a new campaign for users to try a fragrance from the CLEAN RESERVE H2EAU Collection for FREE, in exchange for your review! Choose from Brilliant Peony, Nectarine Petal, Golden Citrus, Water Lotus, Waterfall or Musk Noir. Go here and register or log in then fill out the short application form to be considered. Check your dashboard soon to see if you've been selected. Good luck!


The CLEAN RESERVE H2EAU collection offers eight, water-based fragrances that are refreshingly hydrating and gentle enough for sensitive skin, without compromising on quality or longevity. A proprietary micro-emulsion technology, CLEAN RESERVE H2EAU HYDRO-TECT, pioneers the stable blending of perfume oil and water to reveal an unprecedented fragrance experience that is both gentle in character and superior in performance.