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FREE Classbook Publishing Kit for Teachers (School Info Required)

FREE Classbook Publishing Kit for Teachers - Teachers! You can publish a book for FREE with your class - it’s easy and perfect for students grades Pre K-6. Click here to order your FREE Classbook Publishing Kit today! Kit includes: Choice of paper or online kit - 66 kit pages: 33 for text & 33 for illustration - Cover, Title, Dedication & Author Pages - A Student-Created Sample Book - Step-By-Step Teacher Guide - Parent Order Forms.

Why Publish a Book With Your Class

There is nothing more gratifying than to see your students excited to learn. When you publish a book with your class, you’ll watch your students’ faces light up as they become published authors and create a professionally bound book just like they would find in the library. This free classbook publishing project is a unique experience that will get your students excited about writing and inspire their best effort.

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