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FREE Braille Books for Blind and Low Vision Children

The Braille Books Program from the American Action Fund provides blind children a Free Braille book every month from a popular children's reading series. The 2021 Braille Book Program will include the following: The Sassy Series, by Sharon M. Draper; The Carver Chronicles, by Karen English; and Bluebell Skinks Wheelchair Kid and Mitzi Mufflin Principal for a Day, by Liz Cooper. Click here then fill out the form to enroll in the Braille Books Program. Each applicant must be blind or low vision, and be a Braille reader.

About Braille Books Program

The American Action Fund (AAF) for Blind Children and Adults will soon begin distributing free Braille copies of titles in three popular children’s book series as part of its Free Braille Books Program for the calendar year 2021. The program serves over four thousand blind children in the United States by sending them a free Braille book to keep each month, and focuses on producing popular books and series that have not previously been produced in Braille. For 2021 the Action Fund specifically selected books that include a range of characters representing diverse characteristics and celebrating the value of diversity in our communities.

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