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Earn FREE Cash and Instant Gift Cards Rewards with InstaGC

You can earn FREE Cash and Instant Gift Cards Rewards from InstaGC that can be cashed out via the method of your choice (PayPal, Bitcoin, VISA prepaid card and more)! Sign up here to get started off with 10 FREE Points then enter the booster code 1-25-2025 to add another 15 FREE Points to your account!

There's no limit to the amount you can earn and you only need a minimum of 100 points to cash out. Redeem your points to receive instant free gift cards (Amazon, Starbucks, CVS, Ebay, and many more) or get paid in cash via direct deposit or PayPal. Read below for tips to maximize your earning potential!

Be sure to read the Guide (link is located at the bottom left of their site under "Support") to get the most out of your experience on InstaGC. We suggest that you do NOT download anything from their site (unless you use something like Sandboxie). Stick to earning your points by doing surveys and daily tasks.

Ways to Earn:

  • Answer Surveys: There are daily surveys that reset every 24 hours. Access these here or by clicking the "Earn" tab, selecting "Recommended" from the drop-down menu, clicking the instaGC banner and change the category to "Daily".
  • Visit Sites: Receive points by visiting and browsing websites. Most reset each day (around midnight EDT) so check back then to re-do them. Click "Earn", "Recommended" then "Clicks".
  • Watch Videos: Receive points by watching videos. Several videos can be repeated multiple times.
  • Tasks: Receive points by completing tasks.
  • Booster Codes: Booster codes (aka bonus points) are given out randomly and expire quickly. Click "Redeem", select "Point Booster Code" from the drop-down then enter your code and click "Redeem".


  • Offers:
    • Create new email addresses often (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc) then use different ones when completing offers.
    • Don't rush through. Let the page sit for a minute or two so it can have time to track.
  • Ticker:
    • Keep an eye on the ticker located on the right side of the page. It shows what offers/points that people are getting credit for.
    • You can click the link right in the ticker and complete the offer.

Read the Instant Gift Cards facebook page often for new and easy ways to earn points.


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