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Dove Self-Esteem Sunday Watch Party (1,000 Chosen)

Ripple Street will be selecting 1,000 parents that will receive everything you need to host an awesome Self-Esteem Sunday Watch Party with your sports fan and 5+ of their friends. In return, hosts will download the Dove Confidence Kit, write a review of the kit, upload a photo of the game day watch party, and share their experience on Instagram. Must apply by January 16. Participants will be selected by January 17. Click the link to get started.


Embrace your sports era with Dove! Gear up for the ultimate game day and help boost confidence and sports knowledge in young competitors. Participating in sports can improve physical and mental health, promote teamwork, and increase self-confidence in kids. With this exclusive Party Pack, you will enjoy sports focused educational tools and fun football-themed games to encourage your fearless young athletes on and off the field.