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Apply to Test a Vium Simple One-touch Diaper Pail from 0.8L

Head to 0.8L to apply and see if you are chosen to get a FREE Vium Simple One-touch diaper pail in exchange for one Instagram review! There are 305 available. Click here to apply! They will contact you if you are chosen.


The Empty One-Touch Recycle Bin is a dedicated wastebasket that uses a good oxide refill. A good refill is an eco-friendly plastic bag that is disassembled for 60 months due to proper temperature and light by adding a phase-out biodegrader unlike regular vinyl. The Empty One-Touch Recycle Bin uses a good refill to make envelopes as large as you want without having to fill up the trash. It also goes well anywhere, so it's good for interior wastebasket.

Thank you, Beingfrugal


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