FREE Plant-Based Insect Repellent Sample

FREE Buguard Plant-Based Insect Repellent Sample for Businesses

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Bugard is made with a powerful blend of essential oils with strong effectiveness against many types of pesky biters. Get a FREE sample of Bugard Plant-Based Insect Repellent mailed to you to try out at no cost if you are a business owner. While supplies last. Click here then fill out the form and include your complete shipping address on the single line. A company name is required.


Buguard™ is a plant-based insect repellent applied directly to outdoor furniture. When furniture is used, Touch Active™ activates and releases a long-lasting repellent with a pleasant scent. Safe for the family, pets, and environment! Buguard uses essential oils as an alternative to DEET-based insect repellents that are sticky and unpleasant-smelling synthetic chemicals applied to the skin.

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