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2 $25 Steak N Shake Gift Cards for $37.50 from Sams Club + Free Shipping

Sams Club Members can get 2 $25 Steak N Shake gift cards for only $37.50! Shipping is free. Offering everything from delicious beef burgers to handmade milkshakes, Steak ‘n Shake serves up classic American food in a charming, friendly atmosphere. Gift cards offer 25% savings. If you are not a member, you will be charged a 10% non-member fee.


Steak N Shake has been proving excellence for over 80 years. The word "steak" stood for steak burger and "shake" stood for hand-dipped milk shakes. Steak N Shake's founder, Gus, was determined to serve his customers the finest burgers and shakes in the business. He became part of steak burger history by proving his point that his burgers were exceptionally prime by wheeling in a barrel of steaks (including round, sirloin, and T-bones) and grinding the meat into burgers right in front of the guests. From then arose their famous slogan, "In Sight It Must Be Right."

When you give Steak N Shake $50 Value Gift Cards, you are giving many gifts in one. This gift allows the recipient to join friends and family over a tasty meal and choose from a variety of options. These Steak N Shake gift cards can be used at any Steak N Shake, anywhere, anytime. There are over 500 United States locations to choose from with sit-down or drive-through and front-window service. A number of Steak 'n Shake restaurants are even open 24 hours a day, seven days a week; your friend or family will be fully satisfied when they receive your gift. When you have two gift cards, you will always be ready for the next birthday or holiday around the corner.

Aside from the delicious steak burgers and milkshakes, Steak N Shake also serves other fresh items like the Chili Cheesesteak Frank or a bowl of chili. Check out the wide variety of fries, including Cajun Fries, Parmesan Cheese and Herb Fries, Cheese Fries and Chili Cheese Fries. Classic milkshakes and specialty milkshakes are also available. Steak N Shake even serves quality breakfast items like pancakes and bacon.

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