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FREE Gabb Phone 3 Pro (Reg. $200) Safe Phone for Kids and Teens

Get a FREE Gabb Phone 3 Pro for kids & teens when you sign up for any plan ($199.99 discount is automatically applied at checkout). All you'll have to pay for today is the activation fee and monthly plan cost. No contract required. Plans start as low as $24.99/mo.

About Gabb

There is a growing problem among children with unlimited access to the internet and other online platforms. Kids are being exposed to harmful content and unhealthy interactions. These dangers come in all shapes and sizes. Learn why Gabb is here, and what we are protecting our children from.

Gabb Phones have an innovative spam filter for texting, no internet browser, no social media apps, no app store, and no games kids are protected from falling prey to sexual predators, stumbling on explicit content, being victims of cyberbullying, or becoming screen addicted.

Gabb Phones help kids to focus on connecting in ways that help build relationships: in-person interactions, live conversations on a call and person-to-person communication via texting.

Since Gabb Phones are free from time-wasters, they don’t demand hours of kids’ time. Gabb Phones free kids up to spend more time on developing skills and hobbies so they can do more cool stuff.


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