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Electric Ball Cat Toy $1 + Free Shipping

Roobze is offering the Electric Ball Cat Toy for $1 with Free Shipping! Regularly $29.95. Get one for your cat today! ‼️IMPORTANT: This purchase will put you into recurring subscription so be sure to go and cancel after your order ships or you will be charged more. We recommend using a prepaid or limited balance card for offers like this to keep you from being charged if you forget to cancel.

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Keep your cat endlessly entertained with our automatic rolling cat ball toy. Designed to mimic the unpredictable movement of prey, it'll captivate your kitty's attention and encourage their natural hunting instincts. With its smart obstacle navigation, the ball ensures non-stop fun without getting stuck. It's perfect for indoor cats, providing exercise and mental stimulation. Safe, durable, and easy to use, this toy is a surefire way to bring joy to your pet's day!

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