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Dog Chow Active Life Sample

Dog Chow Active Life Sample

Sep 11, 2012 @ 8:15PM CDT | Comment

FREE Sample of Purina Dog Chow Active Life Food for Dogs - The sample center on Walmart[.com] has a new offer for a free sample of Dog Chow Active Life Food for Dogs. Pop over to their site and allow the page to load. There will be a pop-up with a slide show and this offer will come up second [you can also click on the second circle at the bottom right of the pop-up]. Next, click "Get a Free Sample" and fill out the form. Allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Dog Chow Active Life

Whether he’s your daily running partner or your loyal hunting companion, active dogs have specific nutritional needs. That’s why this formula contains a 25/18 protein to fat ratio—an ideal balance for your active dog. Fat helps support your active dog’s energy needs while exercising, while protein helps replenish his body after physical activity. These ingredients work together to help support your active dog’s unique nutritional needs.

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