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The Benefits of Freebies

Feb 9, 2015 @ 12:37AM CST | Comment

Whether you are new to the freebie world or a seasoned pro, there are many things to consider.

The world wide web is packed full of fly by night websites claiming to offer the best freebies. What the visitor may not realize is that the majority of those freebie sites, copy and paste the offers they post, not bothering to go through the process of requesting the freebie to make sure it is indeed valid and what it claims to be.

Another thing that you will find extremely frustrating on those freebie sites is the posts that are actually ads disguised as a free offer. There is nothing more annoying than clicking on the "freebie" link, thinking it's valid, entering your email address then being bombarded with offers to sign up for.

Finding and signing up for freebies can help you try out the product before you buy, which will in turn save you some bucks if by chance the product is something you donot like. Most freebies come with a coupon so you can save some money when you do decide to purchase it.

There are many great local resources for finding freebies. FreeCycle is at the top of our list. There are FreeCycle groups located in just about every major city in the US. It's very easy to locate a group in your area. Visit and search for a location near you. When you find the group you are looking for, you will need to join it, through Yahoo Groups. Members can post Offers for free stuff they are giving away and wanted ads for items they are looking for.

The FreeCycle community is an unbelievable group of giving individuals all with a purpose of recycling no longer needed (but still usable) items to keep them out of our landfills. We would recommend using a designated email for and Freecycle group you join, as the emails can easily consume your regular email inbox.

Craigslist Free section is another great resource for finding local freebies. Many people offer items for Free on CL as fast & easy way to clean out the garage. The free items can be such a tremendous help for people that just cannot afford to spend money on new items.

You can help your community not only by offering items on FreeCycle and Craigslist but by donating items (like clothing, toys, electronics, furniture and other household items) to your local thrift stores. Most thrift stores are non-profit organizations and solely rely on donations from individuals to fill their stores.

Buying from thrift stores can save you 80% or more. Many people depend on thrift stores for all of their clothing needs. Next time you think that t-shirt with the paint or bleach stain should be trashed, please reconsider. Painter's, construction workers, Art teachers, etc. would rather pick up a bag of used shirts for a couple of bucks than spend 10 or more on one new shirt (or pants) and save money their hard earned money.

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