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Posting Offers on the Internet

Updated: Jun 25, 2015 6:17am

This whole post could be summed up by saying, BE RESPONSIBLE!! But, for the sake of those who might be new to posting on the internet and do not understand how the internet works, let's go into more detail.

Let's Promote!!

OK, you have a website and you want to really start promoting your product or service so you decide you'll offer a free sticker, free product sample or whatever, on the internet [ie: your website]. It sounds like a fantastic idea. You go to sleep thinking:

"Wow, maybe 80% of my current visitors will get a free sample and tell all of their friends to buy our products!!"

If you are reading this, my guess is, you already know that was a huge mistake. Posting ANYTHING on the internet is very risky business. It should be common sense to anyone using the internet that what you post could, possibly, be seen by millions of people. You wouldn't post your Social Security number, just as you wouldn't post your Credit Card number.

So, a few loyal customers think so highly of your products that they decided to share your link at the other websites they frequent. After all, you are posting free stuff. But, how dare they, right.?

You don't have my permission to post a link to my stuff!!!

Before you get overly stressed and start sending nasty emails to your customers for sharing your offer, and before you seek legal counsel because you feel the websites that have generously posted your link [Keep in mind, most of us have to pay thousands of dollars to get that type of advertising] have somehow broken the law by posting without "your permission", stop and give this some thought.

After all, by now, there may be thousands of links to your offer on the web. I can't imagine it would be wise to fight the internet instead of using your head.

Since you opted out of the thinking process when you freely posted an offer for free stuff [or a coupon for a certain percent off, etc..] on the internet [Internet Statistics], now may be the time to start using your head..

Damage Control

Here is some priceless advice that may help you take advantage of the additional traffic you are receiving while keeping your potential customers/visitors/clients happy.

  • Control Your Offer

    Control: that is your best weapon to combat millions of unexpected people from requesting your freebie. If you just thoughtlessly post a page on your website that all of the BILLIONS of internet users have access too, don't be shocked when they all rush in to request it.

    How to control your Offer

    • State clearly in the document that you post what your limit is. For example: "We are giving away 5,000 free, etc, etc..." and design your request form so that it displays that you are "Regretfully out of samples but look forward to giving out more samples in the future" automagically once you have reached your limit. Your customer will a have a grand appreciation for your professionalism in handling your business.

    • The best way to maintain control of your offers, especially the ones that could bankrupt your company is to password protect them and only allow the chosen few to view and request your samples [or whatever you are offering].

There are plenty of different ways to control access to your content, if you can not, at least, offer your customers this level of thought and capability, do not post your offer. Not posting your offer, if you do not intend on giving it any further thought, may be the best option for you.

Final Thoughts

We all want to be successful, whether on the internet or otherwise. Be careful who you send an all caps, nasty [hasty] written email too. No matter how urgent you feel it is that they react to your needs [Before you send an email, think about how you would respond to the same email]. Those same websites that have promoted your online business to millions and millions of [unwanted?] visitors can also drag your business though the mud for your inability to appreciate their efforts. We have over 10,000 expired offers available for you to look through and see how to best handle removing your offer.

Offers on Vonbeau

We do not remove offers that are facing the internet. If you or your company have mistakenly posted an offer and are getting hammered with people interested in your products, the best way to handle your mistake is to remove it from your website completely, use the methods listed above or contact a professional.

If you would like to let us know when you have removed or changed your offer, you can post in the comments on the page or contact us. Once we see that the offer is no longer available, we'll expire our post and it will be removed from our main listing.

Good Luck!!

P.S. This is to be taken as opinion and not professional advice.