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  • Free Eye Exams For Infants

    Free Eye Exams For Infants

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    Your eyes are very important, they let you see and experience things. They're the only eyes you get, so why not begin to take care of them early on? Check to see if there are participating optometrists in your area that can give your baby (6-12 months old) an eye assessment for free.

  • Free Food at Earl of Sandwich

    Free Food at Earl of Sandwich

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    Signing up for restaurants' clubs are always great- you get free things. Who doesn't love freebies? In this case, when you sign up for Earl of Sandwich eClub, you get a free brownie. If that's not awesome enough, you also get a free sandwich on your birthday.

  • Free Google Play Credits

    Free Google Play Credits


    Earn free Google Play credits that can be redeemed for PayPal cash from taking brief surveys. Download the Google Opinion Rewards app from the Google Play store and get started today.

  • Allure Beauty Enthusiast

    Allure Beauty Enthusiast


    Head over and take the survey to apply to become an Allure Beauty Enthusiast for a chance to test new product before they hit the stores. Plus, enter for a chance to win prizes with every survey you take.

  • Free AKC Pet Healthcare Plan

    Free AKC Pet Healthcare Plan

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    if you have a dogs that has been newly registered with the AKC, you can get a Free 60-Day Trial AKC Pet Healthcare Plan. No obligation and no credit card number required to enroll.

  • FREE Birthday Special Applebee's

    FREE Birthday Special Applebee's


    Applebee's is offering customers a free birthday special when you register to receive their e-mails. Must be 13 years of age or older to sign up.

  • Auto Zone Loan-A-Tool Program

    Auto Zone Loan-A-Tool Program

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    Use AutoZones Loan-a-Tool program on tools you don't have and save yourself some money on do-it-yourself repairs for virtually no cost!