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Free Angie's List Membership

Free Angie's List MembershipUpdated: Aug 3, 2017 4:02am | Comments 0

You can get a Free Angie's List Membership for one full year (a $9.99 Value), courtesy of Allsate! You'll be able to read reviews of home service professionals, get exclusive discounts from top-rated businesses and receive a subscription to the award-winning Angie's List Magazine. Just fill out the form over on the site to get your code then follow the instructions to redeem. A credit card (or prepaid card) is required but as long as the total shows $0 then you will not be charged. Thank you EJ!

Angie's List

Find detailed reviews on roofers, plumbers, house cleaners, dentists and more! More than 3 million members check Angie’s List before they hire.

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