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3 FREE Packets of O3 Superfoods Flax Butter

Get 3 FREE Packets of O3 Superfoods Flax Butter by mail when you sign up for the Flax8 email Newsletter. O3 Flax Butter is stone-milled whole flax seed to ensure bioavailability, maximized for the body's absorption of nutrients. It provides 100% of the daily value of omega-3 in every serving while also being creamy and delicious. Click here then fill out the form and they will send you three free packets of flax butter as soon as samples are available. Thank you, Beingfrugal!

About O3 Flax Butter

For the warrior inside every busy person who wants a superfood on the go, O3 Flax Butter Packets travel wherever the day takes you. A luscious topping to grains or fruit, and just as satisfying as a snack all on its own. Do your thing with a dollop of flax butter - your body will thank you!


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