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FREE Carlson's Kid's Probiotic Stix Sampling Kit from Moms Meet if Chosen (Apply)

Calling all Moms! Moms Meet has a new virtual program for Carlson’s Kid’s Probiotic Stix and you could get a FREE Sampling Kit if you're chosen. Kit includes: Kid’s Probiotic Stix to share with your group, plus additional Carlson products for you. Click here then log or register to apply today.

About Carlson’s Kid’s Probiotic Stix

Carlson’s Kid’s Probiotic Stix are melt-in-your-mouth probiotic powder packets that quickly dissolve as soon as they hit your child’s tongue. A single packet provides 10 billion pure, live cultures of two of the most important probiotic strains for children: Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria. They support the health, growth, and maintenance of friendly bacteria in the gut, while aiding with other digestive and immune system functions.* The convenient, single-serving packets come in a natural cherry flavor that your kids will love—so getting them to take their daily dose of probiotics will be a cinch.

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