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FREE B&W Ointment Burn and Wound Cream Sample

UPDATE: You can still get the sample but shipping is now $1.95. For a limited time, you can order a completely FREE Sample of B&W Ointment Burn and Wound Cream from Konvalia Naturals! Shipping is Free too! B&W can be used like (and is superior to) Silvadene for treating burns and like Neosporin/Triple Antibiotic Ointment for treating wounds, cuts, scrapes, etc. Click here then add to cart and checkout. No payment info is needed. This will only be available while supplies last. Comment below and let us know if you order yours! Thank you, Ahahahau12!

About B&W Ointment

B&W Ointment is a highly effective burn & wound cream providing some of the fastest healing & pain relief known. B&W's all-natural ingredients aid in skin rejuvenation and is proven to minimize scarring. Made and used by the Amish for over 25 years.