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Educators can Apply for FREE Artemis Moon Tree Seedlings from NASA

Calling all educators! NASA has an opportunity for you to apply for an Artemis Moon Tree Seedling through their Next Gen STEM project in partnership with USDA Forest Service. Recipients of a Moon Tree seedling will be encouraged to develop educational opportunities to connect students, schools, and communities to the ARTEMIS mission. Go here to read more about the program and apply. There will be 2,000 tree seeds that will be given away.

About Moon Tree Seedlings

More than a half-century ago, NASA astronaut Stuart Roosa, the command module pilot for the Apollo 14 mission and a former USDA Forest Service smoke jumper, carried tree seeds into lunar orbit. The Apollo 14 Moon Trees were grown into seedlings by the USDA Forest Service and eventually disseminated to national monuments and dignitaries around the world, with a large number distributed as part of the nation’s bicentennial event. In a nod to the legacy of Apollo 14, and a celebration of the future of space exploration with NASA’s Artemis Program, a “New generation” of Moon Tree seeds traveled into lunar orbit aboard the Orion spacecraft. The seeds travelled thousands of miles beyond the Moon spending about 4 weeks in space before returning to Earth.


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